Automatic order printing on thermal printer for restaurants

Restaurant’s have all realized the importance of online orders. Now restaurants can afford to have, and manage, their own online ordering system. We recently perfected this with a local restaurant and client of ours, The Schwarma Company.

Online orders to accommodate any menu

The trick with restaurant orders is having something that is powerful and flexible enough to accommodate any restaurant menu and all the possible menu variations, complete with cost implications. We found the solution. What we have is an e-shop to manage the basic products and sales etc which we add onto your existing WordPress website (or we can create a a new one). And onto this we added a powerful product variations tools which does allow us to digitize ANY restaurant’s menu.

What’s more it can put the entire menu onto one page, with pictures and more. Of course, it is totally mobile friendly too. Works like a charm on phones. It has a cart function which people are used to and on checkout users can even create an account for simple login the next time. This also means you start to get email addresses for your clients!

Full order management for restaurants

Taking orders is only half the battle, you also need to manage them. Our backend offers full order management facilities. Change order statuses, add order notes, even email the notes to the client. 

Time slots allows you to control the flow. We can add time slots for takeaways and deliveries, plus set the max amount of orders per time slot. This way you can completely control the flow of orders and ensure you never take more orders than you can fulfil. Reputation is everything after all.

Takeaway, delivery and table orders

Our system is designed for takeaway order AND/OR delivery orders AND/OR table orders. It is super powerful and flexible…this is how to take your restaurant into the 21st century!

Automatic order printing on thermal printer

By far the best bit though is the “automatic order printing” which we have perfected. We will supply you with a Bluetooth thermal printer (58mm) which is connected to the printer controller, which we will install at your premises and connect to your internet. This controller will then automatically check for your new orders and when it finds one, it will print it on the thermal printer. See the video below.

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