Mobile apps for schools – group buying power

Get a 75% discount

On a custom Android & iOS mobile app, designed for schools.

Limited Time & Spaces Offer

Thanks to the power of group buying, your school can get it’s own mobile application at a massive 75% off.

This is a group deal, so it means we need at least 8 schools to participate before we go-ahead.

BUT space is limited, we can only extend this offer to the first 12 schools that commit.

  • Schools already committed

Commit before: 28 February, 2019

Time to offer expiry








Mobile App Features


1. Custom pages

Create your own pages with custom text, images, videos and more.


2. Fan wall

Users can submit (share, like & comment on) their own (geolocated) pictures.


3. Contact details

Add comprehensive contact details, including tel, email, website, address & more.


4. Topics

Allow your users to subscribe to the notifications they want to receive.


5. Find us (map)

Use Google mapping to direct your users to your location.


6. Push notifications

Send unlimited push notifications to keep your users up to date.


7. Login

Make users register and login to access more private information.


8. Events

Add events manually or connect it to your Google calendar.

App Dashboard Management Features









Push Notifications

What you get

1. Custom, native Android and iOS mobile app for your school

2. Web dashboard to manage your app

3. 2 Hours, 1-on-1 Skype introduction to your dashboard

4. Publishing of your app to the 2 app stores (our account or yours, you decide).

5. A further 1 hour of Skype coaching, if needed

6. Access to our priority support ticket system and documentation

What it costs

Normal cost: R 100 000+ and R350/month for hosting*

Your special price: R 25 000 and R350/month for hosting*

Save 75%

*Hosting cost includes unlimited push notifications per month. Only start paying for hosting when you publish!**
**We do not lock you into an type of contract. Simply cancel your account at any time.

How it works



Entries open to schools

Entries open to schools

Any schools interested in this special are invited to complete the form below to let us know.


Entries close

Entries close

Entries for this special close today.

If we have received our required commitment from a min of 8 schools, we will issue invoices to those schools for payment.


Payment due to secure special pricing

Payment due to secure special pricing

Make or break day!

Schools who are interested MUST make payment on or before this date to secure this pricing special and book their mobile application build.

If we have received paid commitment from 8 schools, we will proceed. If not, we will refund in full any school who has made payment, and cancel the build process.


Build process begins

Build process begins

This is where the fun begins. We start creating the web apps that will manage your mobile apps.

And then we begin creating the apps themselves. Woohoo!


Invite to admin and training

Invite to admin and training

We will start inviting the “designated school app managers” to login to their respective admin portals.

At the same time you will be asked to book your Skype training session.


All admin invites sent to schools

All admin invites sent to schools

By this point in time all “designated school app managers” should have been invited to login to their desktop admin portal.

Skype training bookings still open for the last few schools that were processed. Skype training ongoing.


All Skype training complete

All Skype training complete

By now all the “designated school app managers” should have received training and be well on the way to perfecting their school’s mobile application, based on their needs!

When your app is ready to publish, you will let us know and we will do so.


Ongoing app publishing

Ongoing app publishing

As soon as your app is ready for distribution, please let us know. We then publish your app to the respective app stores and you can start distributing it to your community to use.


All apps complete and published

All apps complete and published

By this point in time all the schools who order an app, will have a working, published mobile app.

If you are ready to request your school’s custom mobile app build, at a massive 75% off, please complete the required details below…

  • School details

    This is for the invoice, please complete accordingly
  • Designated app manager

    Each school needs to designate someone to manage their app. This is the person who will receive training.
  • The fine print

  • This special price is a group deal with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 participants who agree to the following.

Full Feature List

Push Notifications

Contact your users whenever you want and whenever the need arises. It’s unlimited. Schedule your notifications to be sent on specific dates and times. Send a geofenced notification to your clients based on their location. Thanks to the Topic feature, you can communicate to groups of interest. Push are also used natively in different features to send accurate alerts when required.


What if your users can be informed about your next events? Showcase your events from your Facebook page, or Google Calendar. You can also create your own custom events.


If you need to lock your app wholly or partially that’s the feature you need. Choose the pages you want to protect and how they have to be protected, and regular users will not be able to access the locked content. If you select a protection through membership, the accounts you have authorized will be able to access the locked pages. If you choose a QR Code protection, only users who have the QR Code will have access to your protected sections.


Let your users find their path from anywhere in the world to the location you want. A feature which will guide them through the GPS of their phone. It geolocates and offer the appropriate path though Google Maps.


The feature to organize your content. With Folder, you can create your own app tree, with folders, subfolders, sub-subfolders, your pages in them. You can even add a search box to help your users to find the content they’re looking for.

Custom Pages

Want to create great pages with rich content? Now you can! Create a page with all the content you need: text, photo galleries, videos, address, sliders, click-to-call and email buttons, weblinks. Order all your sections the way you want to create beautiful pages.


The page to gather all your contact info. Allow one-touch-call, geolocation, links to social pages, and much more.


Want to get some specific data from your users? Build your own forms to get leads, feedbacks and many other things you can get from a form.


Create topics to offer some lists of interests and get your users base segmented on which lists they want to subscribe to. This way, send specific notifications and messages.


Animate your community with a social network within your app! Users can send posts and photos, geolocate other users’ photos and comment their posts. You can lean back and see your user engagement growing by its own!


Oh my wall! Want to send your news in an attractive way? Just use the News Wall feature to send your information, photos, etc and get your users engage with you by commenting and liking. Get useful feedbacks, improve your communication, collect the benefits of better user engagement.


Make your application and social network pages communicate with each other. Get your content shared through social networks and provide you additional free traffic and downloads. Embed your social network pages in your app to gather all your information in one entry point.


Add any Twitter account to your application and display all tweets within your app. The links from the tweets are clickable. The info like following/followers and retweets are also available.


If you need to create a directory of businesses, this feature is for you!
Add useful information in your mobile app with a directory of nearby places and points of interest. The businesses can be displayed all in one map. The advanced search system also allows your users to filter and search for the specific place they are looking for.


Allow users to book a seat, a slot, a table or anything you want, with an easy and multi-stores plug-in. The form is sent to the right store following the user’s validation.


The complete feature to sell online, from a single store to a chain of stores. Image galleries, product and price formats, options, checkbox, notes, payment gateways…everything you need for selling your products is in your users’ hands.


A simple and pleasant feature for your users. Let them look for the weather in their city and by default display the current weather in a specific country or city.


Add a music player to entertain your app users! Create playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or your own files, and let the music play. Users can share and buy tracks from the store. Of course music can be played in background while the users keep browsing the app or lock their phone screen.


Add a touch of multimedia within your app. Integrate videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Podcasts. You can choose from integrating a complete channel from Youtube to a specific video from Vimeo.


Highlight your app with attractive photo galleries. Create categories, import photos from your computer, Picasa or Instagram!


Create a Radio app or just let your users listen to their favorite radios, it’s up to you. And just like for the Audio feature users can keep browsing the app or even lock their phone and listen to the radio in background!

RSS Feed

A blog or news feeds that you’d like to feature? Feeds can become part of your application. Entertain your users with info directly within your app, and drive traffic to your website. You can add as many RSS feeds from as many sources needed. You don’t know the link to the feed? No worries, you just have to enter the URL of the website to choose from all its available feeds.


Integrate any external webpage to your app. Want to integrate your mobile website or an external booking system? Just paste your link(s) to get them available through your app.

Questions? Call Doug Hoseck on 084 801 4306

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