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While working for The Bakery Ideas Company I had the opportunity to create some really beautiful websites and apps, & this is one of them.

I would love to take all the credit for this work, but I cannot. TBIC employs a large team of very talented people. So while I did build this, I was backed up by talented designers, copywriters, creative directors and more. All of whom deserve kudos too.

The Challenge

To create a mobile app to replace the existing mobi form & populate the existing database. One that can & will integrate to the existing data and even retrieve existing data for re-use. A mobile app to support the tyre damage guarantee service offered on Firestone tyres.

Something that will also be available in the browser, responsively designed to work on any screen size. The app also has to maintain the high level of user experience that Bridgestone clients are accustomed to.

The Solution

A GOlang online application, integrated to the existing database. The design team provided great designs to work from & loads of guidance along the way. This led to the final result which is a graphically appealing, yet clean and simple application that works just as well on a mobile as it does in the browser. For the blog section we used a very simple GOlang CMS library.

Behind the scenes we wrapped all of this into mobile application code for both Android and IOS.

View the live app


App build


To client spec

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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