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While working for Gullan&Gullan digital I had the opportunity to create some really beautiful websites & this is one of them.

I would love to take all the credit for this website, but I cannot. Gullan&Gullan employ a large team of very talented people. So while I did build this website, I was backed up by talented designers, copywriters, creative directors and more. All of whom deserve kudos for this website.

The Challenge

To create a website that reflects the company image. One that can & will beautifully showcase the top flight digital advertising properties created by G&G Digital. A website to showcase the extraordinary team of people at G&G Digital and their considered blog pieces.

Something that will be properly indexed on Google and is connected to the G&G Digital social media accounts. A website that is easy for the company members to manage, maintain & post new information on.

The Solution

A WordPress website with a customized template. The design team provided great designs to work from & loads of guidance along the way. This led to the final result which is a graphically appealing, yet clean and simple website. For the portfolio section we used a very slick ajax display.

Behind the scenes we adding in SEO tools to make sure Google indexes everything properly. We connected it to all their social media accounts, Google analytics and webmaster tools.

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Website build


To client spec

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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