Kairos School Website



The Challenge

To create a website that reflects the school’s ethos. One that can & will beautifully showcase the ground breaking educational reforms being pioneered by Kairos School. A website to showcase the extraordinary team of people at Kairos school. A website that convinces parents to send their children to Kairos!

Something that will be properly indexed on Google and is connected to the Kairos social media accounts. A website that is easy for the school staff to manage, maintain & post new information on.



The Solution

A WordPress website with a customized design. The headmonster provided great images to work with & loads of great content along the way. This led to the final result which is a graphically appealing, yet clean and simple website. One that brings a constant stream of interested parents to the school!

Behind the scenes we adding in SEO tools to make sure Google indexes everything properly. We connected it to all their social media accounts, Google analytics and webmaster tools. We also added a plugin that allows them to easily list events (& even manage bookings). Then we taught them how to use it all:)


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Website design


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Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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