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How do you get a cheap website design that still looks awesome and totally professional? This is the question I will answer today. I will show you that it is not only possibly, it is actually advisable, for a number of reasons. The important bit to understand is that cheap website design does not mean that it is not designed. It just means it was not designed specifically for you!

Cheap website design, by design

I am going to give you the answer right here in the second paragraph, for those of you who can’t concentrate any further, and that is “templates”. In one word, templates. I know you’re thinking that’s a cop out. But that is actually not the case at all, especially when you’re looking at some of the very top end, professional templates that are available today.

Well, to be more accurate in today’s WordPress environment, it is more about the right page builder. Yes, I know about the default block system which is great and getting better each day BUT, in my opinion, there are two standout pagebuilders that just have a huge headstart in the block system. And those are Divi and Elementor. I have used all the pagebuilders out there and these two are by FAR the best, each in their own way. Now my personal favourite is Divi. But I have used Elementor PRO and it is actually easier for clients to understand/use.

But, again in my humble opinion, Divi is better and just that much more flexible. So Elementor PRO and Divi are both great pagebuilders but the real reason why is the myriad of templates they make available to us to use. These are both products that you purchase. And to stay top, both of these products have invested money into designers to create templates that we can re-use. And they have use brilliant designers, let me tell you. These are people who understand websites. And there is a huge amount of designs to choose from, something to suit any kind of website. Of course you can still customise the template, all it does is speed up the build time dramatically.

Cheap website design that looks professional

So what is happening is that proper, professional designers are designing websites for these companies. Websites which then become complete ‘templates’ that web developers can deploy in seconds. What this means for the end user (the client) is that you can get a professionally designed website, without the cost of a professional designer. You simply select the template you think would best suit your brand and off you go to development. That’s how you get cheap website design that looks absolutely professional.

You do still need some design. You will need a logo BUT there are lots of do it yourself logo design tools out there today, so you might not need a designer here either. To further customise it to your needs/identity, you can also easily change the default fonts and colours that are used. This is something that is easy to do across the whole design, in both Divi and Elementor designed sites. And highly recommend you do!

Cheap website design without a designer

So if you were paying attention above, you would have noticed that it is by cutting out the designer that you really manage to make your website cost cheaper. You can/should still get a really great looking website, a site that looks professional at least. Do you get a better website if you have a designer completely custom design something for your company? Yes, I think you do in most cases (there are some bad designers out there so check the portfolio if you go this route). But if you cannot afford that, then this is the next best thing!

If you get a website that is based on some bulk distributed ‘template’ will your website users be able to tell? Probably not. I think the only users who might know are developers like myself who are able to spot template designs. The trick is to start with a template and then customise it completely. Change the fonts, the colours and tweak the design to your needs. Change all the stock images for your own images. And make sure the text tells the right story about you. Then no-one will know you started with a ‘template’.

​How to make a cheap website even cheaper

So the trick to getting a cheap website design is to skip out the designer. And the trick to getting a cheap website build is to skip the builder. By that I mean build it yourself. While this might seem like a good idea, I promise it will distract much time and attention from your core business (whatever that is) and in the end, it is unlikely you will produce something really professional looking. So this is not recommended. Websites built by a professional developer will work better in the long terms, that I can guarantee.

So, in my opinion, you can get a cheap website design that still looks custom and professional, but you do need to use an experienced developer to make your website happen. And luckily, you are in the right place for that. So if you want a cheap website design that looks proper expensive, please complete your details below, and the Internet UPstart will build your website:

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