The Challenge

Playpumps had a WordPress website when I found then BUT it was in shocking condition, so I offered to help (not knowing what lay in wait). When I got into their website I discovered a really out of date website that was being chocked with spam. A security risk that was busy crashing…

And no-one at Playpumps (a non-profit) had any idea what to do…

So Sandra Heyes, their CEO, accepted my offer gratefully:)



The Solution

First I got the site & plugins back up to date, for security. Then I had to clean out a few of their database tables, to prevent it from crashing (it did actually crash briefly before this was fixed…). And then I update the look & feel. 

Behind the scenes I connected it to Google tracking and put in SEO tools to get Google indexing the site properly. 

And lastly, I have been training Sandra to add new info to the website (& she has done really well), see the “blog” image in the gallery below. It’s all her work.


View the live site


Website design


To client spec

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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